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Gee, it’s been ages since I’ve last blogged here! Well, there’s been some pretty changes in my life recently and I’m currently more out on the field now than on my desk during work hours so I’m getting more personal social encounters than just networking with friends online.

I know, I know, it’s a tough place to be in right now considering that this is more of work and less of play for me who so loves to be in front of the laptop and chatting, but here’s where the challenge is (OR SO, I THOUGHT!) yet, I can say my ship is breezing on a warm and sunny day as I am now able to find time to do more sewing and crafting at home with my current schedule.

Hope I’d do get to blog here more often and maybe also share pics of my craft projects to you aside from my regular blog posts!

P.S. I’m currently on a “Dead Umbrellas” Project. If you have dead or broken umbrellas, please feel free to donate them over to me. As part of my personal fundraising campaign for the upcoming world youth pilgrimage, I am recovering materials from these dead umbrellas and creating new items out of them. Kindly contact me through a comment to this post for more details on how to donate. Deo Gratias!


If you’re one of the proud owners of an iPhone then you don’t have to look for an even better camera. Despite Its simplicity, iPhone packs some pretty awesome tricks under the hood to help you get the most out of its amazing imaging capabilities.

Quit doing those lousy pointing and shooting and start cooking up some great pictures by the exploiting iPhone camera’s cool features with the following tips below:


Geo-Locate your images

By taking advantage of your phones geo-location capabilities, you’ll find it easier to view and organize your images, especially if you take pictures by the hundredths.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Tag your pictures to the place you took them by clicking on the following:

Settings-General-Location Services-Choose ‘on’ for ‘camera’

  1. All photos you take will be organized by location. You can check it by following these steps:

Photos-Camera Roll-Search for ‘Places’ at the bottom

  1. Hit ‘Places’ to show you a map with red points that highlight the location of every picture you took.  Hitting each point shows the number of images tagged in that location and allows you to see the images themselves.

Keep it from shakin’
Keeping camera phones from shaking has been a real issue ever since, and the iPhone continues the tradition. Since you have to touch the screen to take a picture, there’s a huge tendency for camera movement while taking the shot.

Perhaps the only way to solve this is by pressing and holding the camera button as you compose your shot and if you’re satisfied, release it gently at the immediate point you want to capture. Doing this right decreases he tendency for image blurring due to shakes.

Zoom it!

iPhone’s point and shoot capability is pretty good for the average but there is actually a technique to take even better photos. Here’s how:

Focus by tapping anywhere on the screen and a blue square pops up on the focused area. The insides if the square automatically adjusts the exposure as well as the white balance on that area.

See the slider bar below the box? That’s a digital zoom not an optical zoom, the further you digital zoom, the lesser quality you’ll get for the image. The solution? Just move closer to your object.


Many web design companies provide services for individuals and small businesses who want to build their own web site but don’t want to waste their own time building from scratch.

The creation of a good web design for a specific site is a part of a practicable and profitable online presence. Some companies offer only an attractive design while some may not have highly engaging designs but have the knowledge on how to make your site easy to promote on the web.

  • Review Completed Projects. You can start by first deciding on what kind of site you want and look for similar or related sites. If you see an interesting website with the features you like, background check who the provider is and get in touch to know if they can offer you an all-in package that fits your budget.
  • Browse Listings. Look at listings on for firms and freelance providers whose skills fit your requirement. See what services they offer for what price. Create a checklist of the features you like such as  the design, graphic elements,  structure of database, web search engine optimization concerns and the hosting plan you think you need and layout your timetable so they know what you expect from them while they quote you price and see if you will agree on a contract with them.
  • Establish Long-term Relationships. Look for a company who has an all-in package for you. The web design company should be able to offer everything your site will need to be successful and effective so that you won’t have to go through the headache of having to hire other graphic designers to do specific elements for you in an aesthetic, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly layout.

Acer, one of the leading names in the IT industry, and Google, the giant search engine company, has collaborated to produce yet another high-end netbook which they named “Chromebook” and is primarily designed and programmed to run using the Google Chrome operating system.

According to reviews, this magnificent creation is an 11.6 inch display screenwhich features a CineCrystal LED Backlit LCD display with a resolution count of 1366×768 pixels. It is powered by a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom Processor N570and comes equipped with a 1.3 MP webcam with two built in speakers.”

The hard disk is equipped with is a 16GB Solid State Drive along with a 2GB DDR3 main memory. The connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi for internet browsing, 2 USB ports and a 1HDMI port. Acer Chromebook also features the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 graphics system.

Starting June 15, 2011, this Acer’s Wi-Fi only Chromebook will be available for sale in the U.S. via Amazon and Best Buy and costs $349.

Image source

Getting rich is possible but it’s not an easy task. Working hard, sacrificing your health and even relationship. But for a lucky few, getting rich means doing less effort as possible but still making tons of cash.

Here’s how they did it:

Bet and Win the Lottery
Lottery is probably the easiest way for you to get rich. But your odds of winning are pretty low and besides, most of the lottery winners lost their money as fast as soon as they got hold of the cash. (I’m lazy with this)

Inherit a fortune
True, inheriting a vast fortune is pretty awesome but only if you know how to handle it. (looking at my geneaology tree now and fumbling for old relatives!)

Invest for a really long period
Investing long-term in good assets can definitely pay-off. Markets rise and fall but if you hold into it, chances are you’re going to reap a bountiful harvest.(I’m on this one!)

Marry Rich, Divorce Rich
Well, this is probably good for girls, since marrying a rich man requires efforts of almost zero to none. Just look at Trump, his current wife and ex-wives. (I value marriage and do not advocate divorce!)

Be Born as a Royal
The remaining royals of this world remain one of the wealthiest. Their net worth averages millions, even billions. (I’m a commoner..can I just be like Kate Middleton—now Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge? [daydreaming in her wedding gown while staring at her royal wedding poster…])


Things are starting to free up a bit in my life … I’m getting a little bit more free time, so what exactly am I planning to do with it? . I feel the need to take necessary steps and to make them a commitment I should be able to follow through because even if it’s free time, I feel that it doesn’t have to be without structure.

I don’t want this time to drain away without taking advantage of it… so here I put together a short list of a few things I’m curious about and places I’d like to explore:

1. See the local art fair and exhibit.  


Artspace Warehouse 

2. Experience Chicago Underground music scene.


Chicago Underground

3. Get my personal avatar t-shirt printed

4. gather up my stationery design collection and get them printed too

5. reorganize my digital files into my new netbook!

Business cards are like ID cards that you give away to associates and prospects during your first time to meet or when updating the other about your connection and contact information.

But just how professional do you really look like with your business card?


Here’s top 3 things to consider when creating your business card:

Rule of Thumb:

If you’re engaged in several businesses at a time, it might be convenient and economical to have everything in one card; but this is definitely a big and screaming hell of a “NO!”

Keep your card on a “one is to one” basis and give out to associates only the card in which the two of you have an association or relation.



Major Consideration

The material and the text: you don’t have to invest on the most expensive cardstock, but do select something that looks decent and presentable, and doesn’t easily get wrung and torn. When considering digital printing, make sure the paper is fine enough for ink not to mess up with the loose fibers or embossing. The color can be worked out if you can make out a coordinated set, but it’s wise not to go with screaming yellows and greens or neon paper, unless it is an ultimate necessity or your business belongs to the creative world of artists and fashion people, as they can be hurting to the eyes when not handled carefully in the design.

The Forever Mantra


KEEP IT SIMPLE BUT CREATIVE. As simple as can be, yet still enticing. Too much clutter in the design may impair the legibility of your contact details, people might end up being unable to decipher so go for less cluttered, more legible, and more visually perceptible. At most, this last pointer can also cause you less printing cost.

Images source


For the fourth year now, there is one hour in the timeof the year when all the world goes dark and people do not complain in Australia and elsewhere.

Yes, it happens, during the Earth Hour. it’s not a city blackout, for all we know, but a voluntary action among people to turn off their lights and shut off electric-powered appliances.

While a claim cannot be made on any purported reduction of energy consumption or its waste generation, the Earth Hour is a symbolic action that brings people’s minds back to nature and calling upon people to join up in the discussions for taking care of the environment.

This year, the Earth hour happens on March 26 and begins at 8:30 pm in key cities, landmarks, and participating communities across the globe.

video source

Well, for all that’s happened in Japan from the tsunami to the radiation scares, it’s just about time we pause a moment and think about ways to protect the Earth.

Have you ever thought that it’s possible to earn as an artist online?

Even if you are a traditional painter or sketch artist, you CAN earn online.

There are many online services that can actually assist you in selling your works.


1. Deviant Art – for years now, dA has established a reputation as an online art community. Aside from a good copyright protection for artists’ works, dA also allows users to earn with postcard printing versions of their works. The artist can also set other available sizes and options for those who are interested.

dA | Curious Eyes ScreenShot

Print Postcards Online @ deviantArt

2. Flickr – upload your pictures on Flickr and protect with copyright options. You can watermark them as well if you wish to sell them physically. Caption with working contact details in case people are interested in your works. Just make sure you lay good payment schemes and partner up with a good freight company and be able to determine charges in case you get people asking about your paintings.

Curious Eyes @ Flickr

Showcase your photos and make them available for Digital Printing via Flickr

3. Odesk and SkillPages – while a varied place for hiring people, there are some employers who do the hunting at this site so do create an interesting professional artist’s profile and be on the look out on your email.

Skillpages | Be found by showing your skills - Curious Eyes

Be found as a digital postcard printing artist who's online for work via SkillPages

Why don’t you create your profile now and earn right on?

bear at the winter park

"Broad Maslenitsa": the Russian Farewell to Winter

I picked up the pictures from the winter parks photowalk from jay’s apartment today which he had processed through an online digital printing service. i could not restrain myself from peeking into the envelope before getting home and right in time I was getting hungry already so I stopped by the local deli and grabbed a pinwheel and espresso while what else, but feasting my eyes with the snapshots while the guys to my left are engaged in political discussion about the news on Libya, the tsunami hits and the nuke scares in Asia that roused protests in Europe and America while shifting now and then to how the football team of Mongolia is battling head-on with the Philippine Azkals. Oh well, we all have ways to spend leisurely and mine is simply looking through the snaps!

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