Business cards are like ID cards that you give away to associates and prospects during your first time to meet or when updating the other about your connection and contact information.

But just how professional do you really look like with your business card?


Here’s top 3 things to consider when creating your business card:

Rule of Thumb:

If you’re engaged in several businesses at a time, it might be convenient and economical to have everything in one card; but this is definitely a big and screaming hell of a “NO!”

Keep your card on a “one is to one” basis and give out to associates only the card in which the two of you have an association or relation.



Major Consideration

The material and the text: you don’t have to invest on the most expensive cardstock, but do select something that looks decent and presentable, and doesn’t easily get wrung and torn. When considering digital printing, make sure the paper is fine enough for ink not to mess up with the loose fibers or embossing. The color can be worked out if you can make out a coordinated set, but it’s wise not to go with screaming yellows and greens or neon paper, unless it is an ultimate necessity or your business belongs to the creative world of artists and fashion people, as they can be hurting to the eyes when not handled carefully in the design.

The Forever Mantra


KEEP IT SIMPLE BUT CREATIVE. As simple as can be, yet still enticing. Too much clutter in the design may impair the legibility of your contact details, people might end up being unable to decipher so go for less cluttered, more legible, and more visually perceptible. At most, this last pointer can also cause you less printing cost.

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