Getting rich is possible but it’s not an easy task. Working hard, sacrificing your health and even relationship. But for a lucky few, getting rich means doing less effort as possible but still making tons of cash.

Here’s how they did it:

Bet and Win the Lottery
Lottery is probably the easiest way for you to get rich. But your odds of winning are pretty low and besides, most of the lottery winners lost their money as fast as soon as they got hold of the cash. (I’m lazy with this)

Inherit a fortune
True, inheriting a vast fortune is pretty awesome but only if you know how to handle it. (looking at my geneaology tree now and fumbling for old relatives!)

Invest for a really long period
Investing long-term in good assets can definitely pay-off. Markets rise and fall but if you hold into it, chances are you’re going to reap a bountiful harvest.(I’m on this one!)

Marry Rich, Divorce Rich
Well, this is probably good for girls, since marrying a rich man requires efforts of almost zero to none. Just look at Trump, his current wife and ex-wives. (I value marriage and do not advocate divorce!)

Be Born as a Royal
The remaining royals of this world remain one of the wealthiest. Their net worth averages millions, even billions. (I’m a commoner..can I just be like Kate Middleton—now Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge? [daydreaming in her wedding gown while staring at her royal wedding poster…])