Gee, it’s been ages since I’ve last blogged here! Well, there’s been some pretty changes in my life recently and I’m currently more out on the field now than on my desk during work hours so I’m getting more personal social encounters than just networking with friends online.

I know, I know, it’s a tough place to be in right now considering that this is more of work and less of play for me who so loves to be in front of the laptop and chatting, but here’s where the challenge is (OR SO, I THOUGHT!) yet, I can say my ship is breezing on a warm and sunny day as I am now able to find time to do more sewing and crafting at home with my current schedule.

Hope I’d do get to blog here more often and maybe also share pics of my craft projects to you aside from my regular blog posts!

P.S. I’m currently on a “Dead Umbrellas” Project. If you have dead or broken umbrellas, please feel free to donate them over to me. As part of my personal fundraising campaign for the upcoming world youth pilgrimage, I am recovering materials from these dead umbrellas and creating new items out of them. Kindly contact me through a comment to this post for more details on how to donate. Deo Gratias!