For the fourth year now, there is one hour in the timeof the year when all the world goes dark and people do not complain in Australia and elsewhere.

Yes, it happens, during the Earth Hour. it’s not a city blackout, for all we know, but a voluntary action among people to turn off their lights and shut off electric-powered appliances.

While a claim cannot be made on any purported reduction of energy consumption or its waste generation, the Earth Hour is a symbolic action that brings people’s minds back to nature and calling upon people to join up in the discussions for taking care of the environment.

This year, the Earth hour happens on March 26 and begins at 8:30 pm in key cities, landmarks, and participating communities across the globe.

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Well, for all that’s happened in Japan from the tsunami to the radiation scares, it’s just about time we pause a moment and think about ways to protect the Earth.