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Many web design companies provide services for individuals and small businesses who want to build their own web site but don’t want to waste their own time building from scratch.

The creation of a good web design for a specific site is a part of a practicable and profitable online presence. Some companies offer only an attractive design while some may not have highly engaging designs but have the knowledge on how to make your site easy to promote on the web.

  • Review Completed Projects. You can start by first deciding on what kind of site you want and look for similar or related sites. If you see an interesting website with the features you like, background check who the provider is and get in touch to know if they can offer you an all-in package that fits your budget.
  • Browse Listings. Look at listings on for firms and freelance providers whose skills fit your requirement. See what services they offer for what price. Create a checklist of the features you like such as  the design, graphic elements,  structure of database, web search engine optimization concerns and the hosting plan you think you need and layout your timetable so they know what you expect from them while they quote you price and see if you will agree on a contract with them.
  • Establish Long-term Relationships. Look for a company who has an all-in package for you. The web design company should be able to offer everything your site will need to be successful and effective so that you won’t have to go through the headache of having to hire other graphic designers to do specific elements for you in an aesthetic, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly layout.

Have you ever thought that it’s possible to earn as an artist online?

Even if you are a traditional painter or sketch artist, you CAN earn online.

There are many online services that can actually assist you in selling your works.


1. Deviant Art – for years now, dA has established a reputation as an online art community. Aside from a good copyright protection for artists’ works, dA also allows users to earn with postcard printing versions of their works. The artist can also set other available sizes and options for those who are interested.

dA | Curious Eyes ScreenShot

Print Postcards Online @ deviantArt

2. Flickr – upload your pictures on Flickr and protect with copyright options. You can watermark them as well if you wish to sell them physically. Caption with working contact details in case people are interested in your works. Just make sure you lay good payment schemes and partner up with a good freight company and be able to determine charges in case you get people asking about your paintings.

Curious Eyes @ Flickr

Showcase your photos and make them available for Digital Printing via Flickr

3. Odesk and SkillPages – while a varied place for hiring people, there are some employers who do the hunting at this site so do create an interesting professional artist’s profile and be on the look out on your email.

Skillpages | Be found by showing your skills - Curious Eyes

Be found as a digital postcard printing artist who's online for work via SkillPages

Why don’t you create your profile now and earn right on?

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